About Prime Profit System

The Prime Profit System has been designed to help business owners with all aspects relating to the financial management of their businesses. The system  has been developed by John Sgambelluri and Tony Connolly and can be delivered to clients in either of two ways: 

  • Traditional - workshops and/or private client consulting 
  • Online - at your own pace via a series on online training modules - Find Out More

About John Sgambelluri

John Sgambelluri has been in Senior Banking roles for over 25 years. he has a thorough understanding of the borrowing and approval process and has had many years' experience delivering workshops, keynotes and one-on-one consultancy services to his private clients.

About Tony Connolly

Tony Connolly

Tony Connolly  has an extreme passion for business success. He not only wants his clients' accounts to be in top shape - he wants them to succeed to great heights in their business and financial well-being.

He is the grey hair you need in your business so you don't lose yours with the stress being in business can create. He has "been there, done that", for the ever-challenging issues in business. He provides his clients with solutions via collaboration of their vision, and strategic planning to ensure they reach their goals.

The Prime Profit System (PPS) has been designed to benefit:

  • Business Owners
  • Franchise owners/Franchisees
  • Business Banking Managers
  • Credit Managers
  • Business Banking Managers
  • Trade Associations
  • Accountants

For banking professionals the Prime Profit System (PPS) will assist in delivering on client expectations by quickly focusing on the factors affecting loan approval, getting the right decision and adding value in every customer interaction.