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COVID Safety – it’s in the numbers

ShareShareTweetPin Keeping your business profitable beyond JobKeeper If managing your business’ profitability has traditionally been an area you have “left to someone else to do”, you’re not alone.  It can seem complicated and therefore easier to trust an expert to tell you what the numbers are saying than spend valuable time trying to interpret something […]

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Time for a Revival

ShareShareTweetPin   Restrictions are unwinding in Australia but what we knew as ‘normal’ may never be again.  The focus in recent times, rightly so, has been squarely on cash flow.  My fear is that this relentless focus on money to pay for the bills today and tomorrow has left entrepreneurs blindsided when it comes to […]

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What is your business worth?

ShareShareTweetPin Every business owner I have ever dealt with wants to know the answer to this question. The good news is that now you can finally find out what your business could be worth. Most times we don’t discover the real value until it comes time to sell the business – and often we realise […]

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